Inside Job? Jail Doors Open 'By Mistake' & Goons Go To Shank Guy Who Escapes By Jumping From The Second Floor!


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Description: All at once, the cell doors slide open. Two inmates pop out with purpose. One strides down the hallway of the Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, appearing to hand off or receive a weapon from a man in an adjacent cell. Moments later, those two inmates, plus another man, all apparently armed with homemade knives, confront a shirtless Kenneth Williams in the corner of a jail corridor.

Realizing he's under attack, Williams bolts down the hallway of the top-tier maximum security
wing of the West Miami-Dade jail. As the three pursuers close in, Williams pauses, hitches up his shorts and leaps from the second-story.

The dramatic footage from internal jail surveillance cameras, obtained by The Miami Herald, shows the June 14 security breach that caused all the doors of K-81, a maximum-security dormitory-style wing, to open at once. The surveillance footage has raised suspicions that the inmates knew the doors would be opening, and that someone in the jail system may have triggered the "group release" feature in the jail's new computerized security system.

The video does not show the instant when Williams crashes to the lower level. But it does show Williams howling in pain from a fractured vertebrae and broken ankle, as another inmate, Rafael Andres, comes to his aid, hovering over him to protect the man from would-be attackers.Williams, the video shows, appears to hand Andres a blade as the injured inmate clings to Andres' calf.

Finally, corrections officers swarm the center common area, pushing wandering inmates back into their cells. Miami-Dade Corrections Director Tim Ryan said Monday that while "we want to be able to trust our staff," the department is investigating the role any officers might have played in the attack. "It is suspicious," Ryan acknowledged. Miami-Dade corrections officers pepper-sprayed the attackers and confiscated at least two homemade shanks. Williams, himself a reputed Liberty City gangmember, was arrested forpossession of a contraband blade. Prosecutors have the surveillance video and are reviewing the incident.

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