Desperate Much? Crazy Woman Begs To Be Married Man Pharmacist's Girlfriend For Four Years!


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Added: Jul 6, 2013

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Description: Google translate
Four years ago, the woman came to the pharmacy to buy medicine Ho, Ho asked the women's condition as a pharmacist.

But a few days later, he found the woman often appear in pharmacies, not medicine, but rather daydream staring at Ho.

Since then, the woman to the store every day to Mr. He courtship, often from behind the attack, "bear hug" Ho. Even Ho hide out, women are still facing seats Ho singing love songs.

Woman gave a soft spot for Mr. tremendous distress. Unsuspecting people thought he was a heartless man. Even their wives had doubts.

Nearby residents said the situation has lasted for four years. Woman undress once in pharmacies, pharmacies had also take the dagger to really prove to be split heart. In this regard, Mr. alarm more than once, but only admitted a month Corning Hospital, she was discharged immediately to the pharmacy "report."

13:30, in Ho ready to leave, the woman quickly catch up, this occurred at the pharmacy door entangled scene.

After 10 minutes, the police arrived, the woman sent Corning Hospital. Right now though temporarily lifted the trouble, can Mr. He still sad looking. Because he knows, a month later, the lovestruck "delusional woman" will occur again. (Google Translate)

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