Scary Moment Shows High School Shooter Chasing Down Kids In School!


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Video shows 19yo shooting against colleagues at school, in Minas Gerais - Brazil

Alleged reason: bullying

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(google translate)Cameras circuit TV State School Ephigênia Jesus Werneck, Santa Luzia, in the Metropolitan Region of Belo Horizonte, caught him the moment a student shoots two colleagues. The crime happened on the morning of Thursday (4).
Two students from 15 to 16, the 9th year of elementary school, were shot, but not seriously. The suspect in the shooting is a young man of 19, who attends the 1st year of high school in the same school, and claims to be the victim of bullying.
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Youth suspected of shooting colleague suffered bullying at school, police say
Two students were shot in school in Santa Luzia, says secretary
The student Alexandre Esteves dos Santos, 19, was inside the school and waited for the colleague, who would be the practitioner of bullying against him on the stairs. When the 15 year old goes, the picture shows Alexander shooting a gun. The boy is hit while back was to the suspect.
Then another camera shows the two in a hallway. The shot hit the stands with one hand on the shoulder, where the injury. The suspect appears walking behind. So, for Alexandre, looking confused, and put the gun inside the backpack. Moments later, the teen shot passes again through the same corridor in the opposite direction, and is again pursued. The armed suspect shoots more often, and students panic.
In some of these shots, the shot in the abdomen reaches another kid, 16 years old and had nothing to do with the disagreement. Augustine de Souza, student's father, said his son told that the alleged assailant apologized for having it hit. Alexander told the son of Augustine that he was not the target.
A student who declined to be identified said the noise of the shots seemed a pump bottle. "Suddenly, began more shots. Was 'that' we look out the window. I've seen two students running bloodied, jumped the wall running, and saw the boy running shot, right, with gun in hand and shooting," said .
The Military Police said there were five shots. Second Lieutenant Rodrigo Lima Ferreira, the suspect had been suffering attacks. "It is with special needs. He was suffering beatings and staff there also calling him in school, fat, "he said.
The weapon, according to police, belongs to a police officer who is the uncle of Alexander. The boy was arrested at home and, according to police, took offense. A .38 caliber revolver was seized. The school does not have metal detectors.
According to the Hospital Foundation of Minas Gerais (FHEMIG), the two injured are doing well. The 16 year old, who was shot in the abdomen, did not need to undergo surgery. The student of 15 years, which would be the target of the shooting, was operated at the Hospital Emergency Room John XXIII. He had a compound fracture in the shoulder and lost a piece of an ear, hit by the gunfire. The student's family said through the press office of FHEMIG, will not talk about the case.
The suspect's lawyer to the shooting said the family will not comment on the matter for now.
The school did not work in the morning, but the activities were resumed in the afternoon.
The Civil Police says it will investigate the complaint of bullying, which have suffered Alexandre dos Santos, and shooting inside the school. The sheriff did not release details of the investigation.

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