Doing The Cops Job For Them? Breathalyzer Watch Tells You How Drunk You Are!


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Added: Jun 19, 2013

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Description: The Kisai Intoxicated Watch has just made its debut on Tokyoflash, where it's selling for a limited time at a $99 launch price.

The watch description says the negative-space time display is easy to read, no matter how intoxicated you are. In case you're not sure what level of drunk you've achieved, the watch has a built-in breathalyzer. You open the sensor cap, push a button, and blow into it for 5 seconds.

A display on the watch gives your blood alcohol content level. If you blow a 0.61 percent or above, the display registers as red to indicate you've had too much. A green display means your BAC is low. A yellow display indicates a BAC between 0.41 and 0.60 percent.

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