That Had To Hurt: Cops Get Suspended After Slamming Woman's Head On The Counter!


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Added: Jun 1, 2013

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Description: It’s unbelievably stupid, somewhat comical, violent and just ridiculous. Two cops have been caught on camera assaulting a woman, bashing her head against a counter (1:21 clip 1), which has resulted in two Jasper PD officers placed on administrative leave.

Picture this .... a big bald cop grabbing a rotund woman in cuffs by the leg to pull her into her cell, except her shoe comes off. The big bald cop goes flying backward down the hallway and ends up on his arse. (1:35 of clip 1).

Ms Diggle's was on the phone when an irritated Jasper police officer walks up and hangs up it up. And the video corroborates Ms. Keyarika Diggles’ story in her complaint.

She throws down the receiver and walks off, before the officer approaches her in an aggressive manner, leading to some pushing and shoving, before she is thrown to the ground.

The second video clearly shows what happened before one of the officers grabbed Ms. Diggles by the hair and slammed her head into the counter (1:21 of clip 2).

Police Captain Gerald Hall said the two officers, Ricky Grissom and Ryan Cunningham have been placed on administrative leave with pay at the request of Jasper Mayor Mike Lout after the video was filmed from a security computer monitor. - Chris D.

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