Best Viral Video Ever? Hilarious Interactive Old Spice Video!


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Name: Terry Crews
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Added: Aug 29, 2012

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Description: Remember the Old Spice Questions advert? Remember how good and funny it was? Well, it's distinctly average when compared to the interactive Old Spice Muscle Music video that the men's aftershave brand and Vimeo have put together.

Not only is the video itself fricking hilarious, but after it finishes playing, every key on your keyboard causes famous muscle man Terry Crews either to play an instrument or do something totally off the wall.

It is, in a word, brilliant.

We suggest you check out all of the keys, but in particular "A" and "[". You can even record your own effort, preview it and then save the resulting video to your Vimeo account - or watch it online after it has been encoded and given a unique link, ready for you to share to friends. Don't forget, you need to let the video play out first, before it becomes interactive.

When it looks to have paused, that's when you can play.

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