Crazy Man Puts A Point-Blank Cap In A Horse & Says 'F*ck You, Animal Activists!' (Warning Graphic)


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Added: Mar 23, 2013

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Description: A New Mexico man has enraged animal rights activists by posting a YouTube video of himself shooting a horse in the head.

KOB reports that Tim Sappington, a maintenance contractor at Valley Meat Co. in Roswell, shot the disturbing video at his Dexter home. In it, Sappington leads a horse from its enclosure before sending a message to animal rights activists.

“To all you animal activists, fuck you,” he says into the camera. He then pulls a pistol from a holster on his hip and fires one shot into the horse’s head, instantly felling the animal. The horse is convulsed by a death spasm as it lies on the ground.

“Good,” Sappington then says as he walks away from the dead horse.

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  Dec 13, 2015


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