Sad: Mother decapitates her 2 year old son (911 Call audio) admits she did it


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Added: Aug 23, 2012

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Description: Thomas called 911 [twice]. During the call, she first accused her boyfriend of stabbing Zahree, but then quickly recanted.

"You know what, I did it, I’m lying, I’m lying, I’m lying, I did it," she said, according to a recording of the rambling, often incoherent call released last evening.

"I did it, I did it, I did it," she repeated later.

Asked if she takes medicine, Thomas said she used to take the antidepressant Prozac.

"I didn’t take it today, but I should have," she said.

Police later found Zahree’s body on the first floor of his mother’s home, then discovered his head in the freezer. A medical examiner found a chest stab wound and marks on the child’s arms, said Laughlin, the prosecutor’s spokesman.

Thomas stabbed herself in the neck with a kitchen knife shortly after hanging up on dispatchers, Laughlin said.

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