Upwards Escalator In NJ Suddenly Hits Reverse & Goes Backwards!


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Added: Jan 8, 2013

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Description: Here is an escalator at the Exchange Place station during rush hour GOING BACKWARDS. 5 people were seriously injured.

This escalator debacle is the latest episode showcasing the PATH's ineptitude. This occurs after NJ residents are suffering form 10 weeks, post-Hurricane Sandy, of no nighttime PATH service which is a unacceptable considering how fast the MTA recovered. Moreover, after Hurricane Irene, it's a further embarrassment that PATH took no measures to protect it's antiquated system from a pending flood. Lastly, how could PATH go 9 full weeks without notifying the public of realistic timeline for resuming proper service, which they finally did in a very vague statement on 1/2/13.

These problems beg the question - How long would NY residents go without train service past 10pm? How much local and national media would have covered such an ordeal. Yet PATH's inefficient attempts at dealing with the situation slipped by nearly all major media while thousands and thousands and thousands of NY and NJ residents suffer because of PATH's incompetence.

Truth is that the natural disaster is only another blow to a train system that is continually under-serving NYC/NJ commuters. Ask ANY NJ resident and they'll tell you that the trains past 10pm NEVER run frequently enough. Not only that but even during rush hour they don't run on time and they always seem to creep through the tunnels at a glacial pace.

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