We All Know Why: 17-Year-Old Neo-Nazi Murderer To Be Tried As A Minor!


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Added: Jan 9, 2018

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Description: "The warning signs were there, flaring up from Nicholas Giampa’s pseudonymous Twitter feed for over a year. The alt-right lingo and the swastikas. The advertisements of violence. Giampa’s girlfriend’s parents, Buckley Kuhn-Fricker, 43, and Scott Fricker, 48, were aware of the teenager’s burgeoning extremism. Kuhn-Fricker had found frightening tweets from Giampa on her daughter’s phone. Twitter was where Giampa, a Papa John’s employee and an anime enthusiast, let his malevolence run amok. Kuhn-Fricker and Fricker had seen enough to say something. Days later, Giampa fatally shot them in their Virginia home, police say. HuffPost has found his tweets, written by “Kevin Gallo” under the handle @doctorpepper35. They suggest a 17-year-old who’d drifted beyond the trolling of his teenage peers on the internet far-right and was fully in thrall to the racist, apocalyptic fantasia of white nationalism."*

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