Newborn boy mislabeled by hospital as a girl with another mother's name


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Added: Dec 11, 2012

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Description: In Jacksonville, Florida, 12 hours after Karen Butler gave birth to her son Kendrick Roberts, she made a discovery that terrified her. The Shands Hospital label on her newborn boy listed him as a girl, and indicated the last name of another mother. The mislabeling scared Butler who said, "Anything could have happened. What if they gave him the wrong shot, or if they gave him the wrong medicine, anything." The hospital later contacted the concerned mother and told her they were conducting an internal investigation and would respond to her via mail in 21 days. Dan Leveton, Shands Hospital spokesperson, also said that they could not comment on the specific case because of privacy concerns but they, "have multiple systems in place to ensure the health and safety of every patient." Ms. Butler has had three other children at Shands Hospital and while all appears to be well with little Kendrick, she won't return to Shands unless it's necessary.- OddNews

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Tags : news baby

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