Allegedly DJ Khaled And Fat Trel In Video Jumping Guy!


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Name: Submitted by E.J.


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Added: Nov 21, 2015

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Description: So allegedly (#TeamNoSnitch) DJ Khaled and his homie Fat Trel caught up with some enemies . . . and put HANDS ON THEM. Stitches (the rapper who was fighting with The Game) taped it and accidentally uploaded it onto Snapchat.

Because the quality of the video is NOT CLEAR - no court of law can say BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT - who is in the video. #NoSnitchin

Here is what someone said:

Let me explain, this is a video of Stitches Snapchat story.

In the beginning you can see a picture of Stitches with a gas mask and his purple hair. The next Snapchat in the story is a video of what looks like Fat Trel, DJ Khaled and someone else beating the sh*t out of some unknown person with Stitches probably filming.

I'm pretty sure Fat Trel, Stitches and DJ Khaled hang out, and by the looks of it they seem to fit what they look like in the video.

The video itself was taken because my friend saw it and he thought it look like DJ Khaled. Knowing that if it was him in the video, Stitches would probably take it down (which he did) so I decided to take a video of it as proof.

I didn't think to much of it at first 'cause the video I took sucked, but once I heard he took it down I thought I should put it up.

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