Gruesome: Bandit Gets Shot In His Eye During Robbery! *Warning Graphic*


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Description: A burglar had disfigured face by a shot during a robbery the bus early on Tuesday, June 16, the BR-365, between Ituiutaba and Monte Alegre de Minas. The shot came from a military police officer in the state of Goiás, who was one of 37 passengers on the bus.
Five armed bandits intercepted and killed the vehicle that was the route Sao Paulo - Goiania. The assailants were in a vehicle Prisma dark in color and shot several times in the windshield.
The driver was forced to stop. A passenger noticed the assault and warned the military, who cocked the gun and received criminals in bus door

One of the authors, identified by Rafael Antoni led to worse, with a shot that hit the left eye and disfigured part of his face. The wounded man could not escape, and was contained by the Federal Highway Police (PRF) and the Military Police (PM). The others escaped in Prisma vehicle.

According to one of the passengers, he was able to identify more than 17 shots. The military found several .12 caliber unexploded munitions, used by the bad guys.

The case was referred to the civil police to continue the investigation. No identification of the other suspect. The Prisma vehicle was found abandoned this morning on Highway 365 near Rio das Pedras post, and was taken to the police station in Monte Alegre.

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