No Games Played: Cop Comes Thru And Ends Things Real Quick!


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Description: In quite the statement, a St. Patrick’s Day hooligan was obliterated by a Buffalo, NY police officer via a choke slam.
The incident took place during the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Sunday. Although police report that 80,000 people attended the festivities, only 10 arrests were made and 100 tickets were given to people with open containers of alcohol.
Saying that “there were no major incidents,” one arrest was caught on tape demonstrating that if it weren’t for the police officers’ quick actions, the story may have been different. All caught on tape is a man, ironically wearing a shirt that read, “Saint, I ain’t,” trying to a pick fight with several people.
However, he isn’t quite allowed to make it that far as a few police officers swoop in and negate the threat. The once acting “tough guy” is seen being taken out by a smaller police officer with a debilitating choke slam.As it occurs, those in the crowd immediately break out in cheering after witnessing what happened to the nuisance.

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