Things Get Heated During Arrest Of Former NYPD Officer Mother And Her Son!


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Description: According to the woman's son, this is what what happened .....

My mother is a Hispanic Retired N.Y.P.D. officer who served 15 years on the job before retiring with multiple injuries... She was involved in the search and rescue effort during 9/11... She's survived life as a street cop and narcotics officer to be treated with utter disrespect.

During the half time show last night my mother received a phone call from my 16 year old brother who stated he got into a car accident and totaled his car. Just like any other mother, my mom started to panic immediately thinking the worst had happened.

My mother, brother, aunt and myself rushed out of the house to ensure my brother was okay. When we arrived at the scene of the accident my mother parked the car in the turning lane and got out of the car, I immediately got in the driver seat to move the truck and park when a sheriff stopped me and advised I was receiving a ticket for illegally parking the truck. The sheriff yelled at my mother and told her she needed to move her car, another sheriff came from behind and then grabbed her by her shoulder and told her she needed to get her "a** in her car" my mother responded saying "How dare you talk to me like that in front of my kids" the deputy's response was "put your hands behind
your back you're under arrest" 3 officers proceeded to lift my mother off her feet and slam her into the ground.

The attached video shows the the actions that followed my mother being forced to the ground.

My 16 year old brother was also placed under arrest after following an instruction given by our mother to get a pen and paper in order to get the names and badge numbers of the deputies on scene; as soon as the officer told my brother he was being arrested he dropped to his knees
with his hands behind his back and was still aggressively forced to the ground and the deputies continued to put the full force of their body on top on my 16 year old brother who was not resisting.

My mother nor my brother resisted arrest or disobeyed any laws; we called 911 in order to protect my brother from any additional harm after the accident...

The charges filed against my brother and mom are for resisting arrest... They weren't resisting...

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