Foul: Security Guards Shove Man's Face Down Into A Watery Gutter!


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Description: The actions of security guards shown on video holding a man's head in a water-filled gutter have been condemned by the industry's body.

The minute-long video was taken outside Christchurch Casino's Mashina Lounge on a Saturday night earlier this year.

It shows three security guards bringing a man to the ground and restraining him. One of the guards pushes the man's head in the gutter and places his knee on the back of the man's head to keep it there.

In the footage, the man's friend can be heard saying: "What the f..., oh my God, they're chucking him in the water."

Bystanders yell at the security guards, repeating: "Get his head out of the water, that's disgusting."

A New Zealand Security Association executive director said the guards' behaviour in the video was "unacceptable".

Other than those who transported prisoners, security guards did not have any more right to restrain someone than a member of the general public.

A Christchurch Casino chief executive said the video lacked context.

The casino's own surveillance footage from the incident revealed the man had been escorted from Mashina because of intoxication and inappropriate behaviour earlier in the evening.

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