Come On, Man: Super Obese Gang Member Tries To Snatch 10 Year Old Kid & Think He Gonna Be Able To Run & Hide Somewhere!


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Added: Oct 8, 2012

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Description: 55 year old Victor Joseph Espinoza decided he was going to try and abduct a 10 year old leaving soccer practice in Santa Ana last week. Once you get past the attempted abduction part, the rest is pretty comical. Espinoza was tackled by the soccer coach after being alerted to what had just happened. Being that dude weighs over 400lbs, the coach wasn't able to hold him for very long. A helicopter spotted him attempting to hide in someone's backyard and was arrested for shortly after. Espinoza was booked for false imprisonment, child annoying, and gang enhancements, as he was a documented gang member, police said

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Streets Disciple
  Dec 18, 2015

Fat bastard, Hopefully he gets the love hes looking for in prison.

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