They Don't Like These Guys In Prison: Alleged Child Molester Gets His Face Smashed In Jail!


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Description: WASHINGTON COUNTY, AR-- A new report of abuse between inmates at the Washington County Jail, this time the victim's sister says she has surveillance video that proves it.

This latest report, coming the same day two inmates faced a judge, accused of raping and torturing a cell mate on December 12th.

Javaugntaiye Willis and J'Donta Britt are both charged with rape, terroristic threatening and second-degree battery. While the investigation remains on-going a probable cause report says the victim was beaten, threatened and raped over a 16-hour period.

Now, a new case of abuse is being brought forward and it involves Willis.

"They just circled around like vultures."

Mary Reynaga says this surveillance video from the Washington County Jail shows her brother being beaten by four inmates, including Javaughntaiye Willis, less than a week before investigators say Willis raped another man, his cellmate.

"I think they should have people like that in isolation," Reynaga said. "If they know they're a danger to somebody."

Kelly Holloway was sent to the hospital with a broken nose, where he recieved ten stiches, and four staples.

"It was like they allowed the assault to happen. The whole time. Like maybe someone was even watching it. Because nobody came for help until after all three had assaulted him."

The Sheriff's Office says one of the attackers found out Holloway was being held on a child molestation charge, using a pin number printed on his bracelet.

"They can be targeted, particularly if it's a child victim, some inmates will try to dish out vigilante justice."

Chief Deputy Jay Cantrell says the guards didn't notice the attack until after it was over, "They can see into the pod and then they have cameras that they monitor, but they're monitoring a third of that pod, one employee so yeah, things can get out of hand pretty quickly."

Reynaga says her brother is innocent until proven guilty and he should have been protected while he waited for his court date.

"If they're going to have monitors, cameras going 24/7 there needs to be somebody watching them."

Cantrell says the Sheriff's Office is stepping up efforts to make sure pin numbers stay private, but with limited resources, stopping every fight just isn't possible.

Officials say the jail is nearly at capacity thanks to hundreds of state-prisoners awaiting transfer. The sheriff's office says violent crimes rise with the jail's population.

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  Dec 2, 2017

so what?! I got no sympathy for MF's who mess with children and old folks

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