Throwback Vid: Sharkeisha Noooo!!! Girl Gets crazy sucker punch during argument!


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Name: sharkeisha


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Added: Oct 22, 2015

Tags: fightgirlsharkeeshasharkiesha 

Description: Girl gets sucker punch during argument by Sharkeisha

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Comments (6)
  Oct 22, 2015

wasn't a sneak move...somebody walk up on u in a hat gym clothes and some sneakers confronting u....u better be ready!!!

  Oct 22, 2015

Sharkeisha will dawg ya'll like she did this chick....She had no business going behind her friends back tryna smash her dude.

Jessica Ellenburg
  Nov 28, 2013

pretty fuckin please bitch

Jessica Ellenburg
  Nov 28, 2013

I dare a bitch to come do that to me....FUK U SHARKEISHA ugly azz name anyways....Bitch please come over herr so I can fuck you up, you nasty ratchet hoe! bring it bitch, I will hand your azz to you. waste of plasma you are. serious call me 405 315 3938..i will fuk ur world sideways ms. ratchetta! Stank azz hoe.

Aundra Deloatch
  Nov 27, 2013

first of all she probly mad her mother named her sharkeisha rofl but thatvwas weak dude probly dont want her anyway and she doing that weak ish sneaking people first move change that ghetto name second dont fight over no dude thats stupid third if you hard fight a fair one sneaking is mad weak

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