Whoa!! Pitbulls beaten, shot to death after attacking woman. (Warning Extremely Graphic)


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Added: Nov 25, 2013

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Description: News- An ogle street Beterverwagting woman was earlier attacked by her husband's pitbulls after they managed to escape from their kennels. She is now a patient of a city hospital with serious injuries.

BUT, watch what happened next. Do you think this is cruelty to animals?

I warn that this video is very graphic!!!!!!!

Watch if you may.....

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Comments (3)
  Nov 25, 2013

This is completely sickening. Those dogs are locked up in those tiny boxes. Of course they will be aggressive. Those sick assholes enjoyed torturing those poor dogs. What a slow painful death. Sickening.

  Nov 25, 2013

They raised those dog to be aggressive. It not the dogs fault. Then they turned around and enjoyed killing all of them. They should be locked in those cages in shot and beaten to death not the dogs.

Brian Kane
  Nov 25, 2013

This is disgusting ! These poor animals ! Now wonder why they are so aggressive ! Fucking sick ass people !

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