He Got Them Hands: Fake Kanye West Decks Two Guys In The Streets Of Austin, TX!


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Added: Nov 12, 2013

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Description: Someone who looks a lot like Kanye West—a man who is no stranger to run ins with paparazzi—is seen in this shaky phone video punching the hell out of two men as a crowd of onlookers gasp.

The video is called "Kanye West Attacks Paparazzi in Austin, Texas 2013 (ORIGINAL)".

The attacker is wearing a scarf. Kanye West is fond of wearing a scarf.

Reports say Kanye West was in New York last night at Leonardo DiCaprio's birthday party, and that he hasn't visited Austin, TX for some time.

A commenter on allhiphop.com writes:

LMFAO! this shit is crazy...i know the person that filmed this. its personally one of my close friends..he purposely named it on youtube "Kanye west attacks paparazzi as a joke. no way we thought it was going to blow like this...its ridiculous how many people actually believe its kanye west. The ORIGINAL video was taken down because he didnt think it was going to go viral the way it did....lmao this shit is too comedy

Beyond the fact that it seems incredibly unlikely Kanye would knock down two massive dudes in a public street brawl, with no sign of his security around, it's unlikely West would never wear brown leather shoes in public.

You be the reliable judge, internet!

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