Escape FAIL: Suspect Dives Out Of A Moving Police Cruiser & Faceplants!


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Suspect Dives Out Of A Moving Cop Cruiser...

A camera from a Dayton cruiser shows a burglary suspect jump from the moving car.
42 year old Eric Simmons was arrested on August 29. Police say he was a suspect in a burglary two days before on Lindale Avenue. They believe he was the man who tried to run a Dayton officer over with his truck, but escaped after that officer fired a shot at him.
Officers spotted Simmons walking on Main street in the early hours of August 29. They say he gave them a fake name and social security number, but when they searched his wallet , they found his name was Eric Simmons.
They placed him in the back of the cruiser without handcuffing him first. He was then able to reach outside the open window and open the door, falling onto the roadway while the cruiser was moving.
The police report states Simmons suffered scrapes to the right side of his head, right elbow and right knee.
Officers were immediately out of the cruiser and apprehended Simmons. They say he still struggled to get away....

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