SMH Moment: Young Freak Wishes She Could Change The Age Of Consent!


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Name: Submitted by john b.


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Added: Sep 12, 2013

Tags: younggirlfreak 

Description: Slow down, youngin, you waaay too ready

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  Sep 12, 2013

To the guy who posted this video... John b w/e your name is! Yes this is a shm, but even though she's 18 she's talking bout some young gurl shyt! And slim yours a creep for posting this video!! Who wanna watch a clip bout a female talking bout underage shyt?! Nigga u must not be a uncle, brother, and or father! If soo save you're perverted viewpoints b4 it's toooo late think bout your kids/ nieces!! Fukin creep!

  Sep 12, 2013

Why haven't been a lot of yalls videos haven't been working on my mobile phone????

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