Wrap it up! Man has 27 Kids with 17 Women


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Added: Sep 11, 2013

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Description: DAYTON -- A Dayton man who took the nation by storm after confessing he had 27 kids with 17 different women, spoke out. Nathaniel Smith made national headlines last week when he appeared on the Fox 45 TV show, Divorce Court.Well how many children do you have? asked the judge on the show.Your Honor, I got 12 sons and I have 15 daughters, I have 27 all together, said Nathaniel Smith on the TV show Divorce Court. It's a statement that not only shocked the courtroom or the judge, but the nation. If you don't know me I understand, understand your comments and responses, said Nathaniel. But for 39-year-old Nathaniel Smith, it's not shocking.The whole world's finding out what Dayton, Ohio already knew, said Nathaniel.He and his ex-wife Jasmine Smith appeared on the show on Friday.We couldn't afford the divorce so he called, they called back, they called me, I thought about it and then I went, said Jasmine Smith, Nathaniel's ex-wife.And since then, their lives have been turned upside down after Nathaniel's confession of having 27 kids with 17 different women on national television.It is a lot, but I think because we aired ours out, we put ours on TV, but there's a lot of people that has a lot of kids, she said, but I think we were just the ones that aired ours out so now we're the ones that look stupid.As Nathaniel picked up his son from Jasmine's house, we asked if he thought he was a good father.I do better with the children I have than some men do with the two or three that they have, said Nathaniel. I hear jokes all the time, 'every time I see you you're with another kid,' interview one of those people, he says.And as far as having any regrets, he says he doesn't.Granted you make your bed you lie in it, but what's done is done, you know, what's done is done, said Nathaniel.

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