Real Or Fake: Two Dudes Harrassing People On The Street Claiming They On 'Muslim Patrol'!


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Added: Jan 26, 2013

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Description: A YouTube video has surfaced that purports to show two young men walking around Leyton in East London attempting to impose what they describe as Sharia law on members of the public.

The video, filmed by camera phone and posted on a channel named 'Muslim Patrol', shows a hooded man accosting passersby, telling them they are in a Muslim area, demanding they hand over any alcohol they are carrying and forcing them to move away from the entrance to a mosque.
We were shocked by what we saw as what seemed to be an example of aggressive religious intolerance on behalf of those who had filmed themselves harassing passersby.

But we also had concerns that it could have been a fake, designed as a kind of "agent provocateur" by a far right group to actually incite anger and violence against Muslims. What do you think?

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Tags : muslim patrol

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