Cellphone Video Catches High School Teen's Plot To Commit Mass Murder!


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Added: Nov 20, 2012

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Description: TAMPA - Jared Cano recorded four chilling messages, meant to be found after the attack.

"You guys probably know who I am by now, and for the retards who don't know who I am, I am the Freedom High School shooter in Tampa, Florida," said Cano.

The chilling plot was foiled after another teen tipped police.

"I just thought I would just make some videos for you guys to see. So you guys know who I am. So the government can't just tell you that I am some crazy {expletive} crazy nutty looney nut," said Cano.

The recordings, about seven minutes long altogether, go into great detail.

"I thought I would run over my game plan with you all, so you can all see how I imagined this would happen," said Cano.

According to his own words, Cano, who had been expelled from Freedom, planned to hurt as many students as he could.

"I plan to walk in the parking lot and just shoot anybody there," he said.

There are crudely drawn maps of the cafeteria and hallways. In the video, he traces it with his finger, he shows where he planned to shoot two teachers, while sparing another educator.

"I have to make sure he doesn't die, because I like him," Cano said. "Then I plan to advance to the front office and and kill everybody in there."

Police found weapons and bomb-making materials in Cano's bedroom as well as the notebook he shows in the cell phone video. In his message, Cano said he planned to set off four bombs on the first day of school. Going off at 7:00, 7:12, 7:20 and the final at 7:26 He planned to plant the explosive device in an alarm clock:

"I took the wires from the speaker that go into the speaker and took them out and stripped them, like this. None of them will beat me. I will kill them all," said Cano.

Cano will go before a judge on December 5 to hear his fate. His defense attorney has said he plans to call the teen's family as character references. He hopes of getting time served. Cano has been in jail since August of 2011. But prosecutors will likely push for prison time.

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