Demiqleiz - Squad (Music Video- promoted)


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Name: Demiqleiz
Twitter: Click Here


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Added: Sep 6, 2013

Tags: demiqleiz 

Description: Filmed By Liondre St Hilaire
Beat and Lyrics By Demiqleiz

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Tags : demiqleiz

Comments (2)
  Sep 6, 2013

Um is this serious? Fucking horrible lol I'm not sure if this is a joke or what

  Sep 5, 2013

YOOOOOO . i made a account just to say this shit is worst then soujla boy, gucci mane and all hem sack niggaz.. these niggaz look like the uncool niggaz in school, get a lllllll the way the fuck outta here wit this fucking BULLSHIT. these niggaz cant dress, cant rap, they look wild pussy and cant pick beats cuz this shit is TERRIBLEEE.. I'm fucking dying laughing!! terrible, just terrible ...

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